Is Snowboarding Similar to Skateboarding?

skateboarding mountain road

Snowboarding is a very active sport and getting to grips with the technique takes some time. As an avid snowboarder, you might find that you’ve already got the technique nailed, but when you need to take some time off during the warmer weather, coming back to the slopes in Winter, you may feel a little rusty.

The good news is that there are similarities between skateboarding and snowboarding so many people use skateboarding as a transition to snowboarding or practice on it when they can’t snowboard. So, does skateboarding help snowboarding? In this blog, we are going to discuss this so keep reading to find out more.

The Similarities

When it comes to snowboarding, you want a fluid movement as you slide down the slopes. As the weather can get a bit too warm for ideal snowboarding conditions, many people find that they need to look for other options before they can get back on the board. Some products such as balancing cylinders, don’t do much for those boarders who want to experience the real thing and enjoy the smooth movement and this is why people tend to turn to skateboards.

There are so many similarities between skateboards and snowboards that people use them for cross-training in the summer. As you skateboard down the street or your nearest hill, you’ll feel like you are right there on the slopes and you can practice your technique. Longboards are probably the best thing for this sort of cross-training so make sure to give it a try if you’re missing the slopes.

Teaching Snowboarders

As a snowboarding instructor, it can be hard to teach new snowboarders the balance and stance that is needed to become proficient at snowboarding. It’s a good idea to suggest that new snowboarders try out skateboarding first to get to grips with the movement. The skateboarding to snowboarding transition is relatively easy as they are so similar and it’ll mean that any new snowboarders will be able to get straight onto the slopes and enjoy some of the winter snow.

With the longboard, you use the same stance as you would with a snowboard, and they are around the same size, making it easier to teach snowboarders if they’ve given skateboarding a go in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Snowboarding is a great sport, and there is no feeling like being on those slopes. It’s important to remember, however, that skateboarding is quite similar to snowboarding and it can be the perfect solution for those who cannot snowboard throughout the whole year. Sign up for our instructor courses today if you want to give it a try.


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