All Mountain Snowboarding

Our snowboard improvement courses in Canada are a great way to revolutionise your snowboarding with professional coaching in a fun and supportive environment.

On these programmes, the focus is to improve your snowboarding – not just to earn qualifications. However, some of the longer courses do include some snowboard instructor qualifications as well. We offer snowboard improvement camps lasting 2 – 11 weeks, so there should be one to suit you.

Our Snowboard Improver Courses

Excellent Coaching

The expert coaching we provide on our snowboard improvement course is our main priority. Our snowboard instructors are hugely experienced and passionate about teaching.

Following the ALLTRACKS Training Formula, we give you the ideal combination of technical snowboard improvement, all mountain riding and adventure – so you can put into practice what you learn whilst exploring the most varied snowboard terrain in North America.

All Mountain Riding

The main objective of our snowboard improvement course is to help you ride technically well, no matter what the conditions. Often guests arrive riding well on easier groomed terrain but lose some of their confidence when the going gets tough. Our snowboard improvement camps address this and if you arrive already a capable snowboarder, we will develop your skills even further and hunt out the best terrain available.

Whistler Blackcomb

You can only run an all mountain course at a resort with appropriate terrain. Being based at Whistler provides access to the largest, most varied slopes in Canada and also boasts more snowfall than almost any other resort on the planet.

 An additional bonus is the fact Whistler offers a vibrant resort base with lots going on off the slopes. An important consideration for an extended trip to the mountains on a snowboard improvement course.

Avalanche Skills for Snowboarders

We include the Canadian Avalanche Association Avalanche Skills (AST) Training Level 1 on virtually all our programmes as we know that many people are keen to explore beyond resort boundaries as their skills improve. Learn more about the backcountry environment with the AST training. AST L2 included on some longer programmes.

Personal Service

By choosing to be based at only one resort, we believe we can offer the highest level of service. So whether you need help before, during or after your course, we’re there for you.

Other Courses

If you want to combine all mountain snowboarding with more advanced instructor qualifications, check out our snowboard instructor courses which we run throughout the season. Unsure which course is most suitable? Give the office a call or email us with any questions.


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