Off Piste Snowboarding

If you think the Snowboard is the ultimate powder tool, join one of our off piste snowboard courses in Whistler this winter.

GO Deeper this season with ALLTRACKS in Whistler.

On these camps, you’ll learn about backcountry and avalanche safety as well as improving your off piste technique amongst some of the best backcountry terrain in Canada. We also include a Heli Snowboard trip on the 6 and 11 week off piste snowboard courses. Heli snowboarding is an exhilarating experience for adventure-seekers.

Our off piste specific snowboard programmes are either 2 or 6 weeks long and we also have the popular 11 week combined instructor and off piste course.

Excellent Coaching

We deliver training in small groups with a maximum of six guests per snowboard coach. The avalanche skills training is with guides from the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG/IFMGA)

Like our other camps, we divide your time between technical training – including drills, video analysis and lots of feedback – with higher tempo, higher mileage sessions that explore the best terrain and conditions that the area has to offer.

Avalanche Skills Training

The CAA Avalanche Skills Training (AST) Level 1 is included on almost every snowboard course and the AST Level 2 is included too on the longer 6 and 11 week programmes.

AST1 covers the basics of avalanche formation, how to identify avalanche terrain and companion rescue. AST2 further develops your companion rescue skills, as well as avalanche decision-making skills and route planning.

Heli Snowboarding

On our longer off piste camps, you’ll go Heli snowboarding in the Coast Mountains, led by top mountain guides, enjoying some of the best snowboard terrain on the planet. Heli boarding is the ultimate snowboard experience for keen riders.

Backcountry Split Boarding

You will do 4 days split boarding in the Whistler backcountry on the AST Level 2. Learning to use this equipment efficiently opens up a whole new world and you will really be able to get out there and enjoy the mountain environment.

Instructor Course?

Our extended 11 week combined snowboard instructor off piste & instructor course includes the entry CASI level 1 in week 5 of that course. If you want to concentrate on more instructor training, check out our 11 week snowboard instructor course instead.

Our Off Piste Snowboard Courses


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