How to Ski Powder

Ski Powder with Guy Hetherington

Are you looking to learn how to ski powder or improve your powder skiing technique? Check out this latest video from the ALLTRACKS training series on “How to Ski Powder”. Guy Hetherington, the ALLTRACKS head coach and Canada Director, is a phenomenal off piste skier and winner of multiple powder skiing competitions in Whistler. This is Guy’s go to drill for getting students into the deep stuff.

If you want to learn more, check out our range of ski courses in Whistler. Guy and the team would love to show you the best powder runs in Whistler next season whether you are new to powder skiing or if you are ready to rip down the steepest and deepest runs in the resort. In the meantime, enjoy the video….

Video Transcript for ALLTRACKS Training Series, How to Ski Powder Video.

Guy Hetherington>>

Guy Hetherington back again for ALLTRACKS Academy with some tips to improve your freeskiing in the powder. Let’s go find some.

With over 45 powder days per season, Whistler Blackcomb has earned it’s reputation for offering some of the best powder skiing on the planet. What does that mean? For ever week that you are out here skiing, on average, you are likely to have at least two powder days. With so much deep stuff arund, you’ll need to be ready. Today I’m going to give you the goods on how to freeski the pow.

The hardest thing to deal with when skiing in deeper snow is the lack of stability under your feet. Instead of skiing on the snow, we will now very much be skiing through it. This means our skis are free to move up and down as well as left and right. One thing that can help us ski through snow is a concept called cresting. Cresting is the movement of moving your skis up and down in deeper snow to the point where the bases of your skis crest the top layer of snow rising up to break its surface. When applied at the right time, cresting of your skis will give your run a lightness and rhythm and make the effort of turning your skis free and easy.

So lets take a look at this idea on a straight line before placing it in a full powder turn. Firstly, find yourself a nice gentle pitch with fresh snow and set yourself off in a simple straight line. Once you have some momentum, start a bouncing motion. The idea is to push your skis deep into the snow to the point where the snow begins to push them back towards you. As you feel this push back, give into it with your legs by pulling your knees towards your chest. Repeat this action until you’ve established a rhythmical flow. Skiing in powder is more about this action than anything else and at this stage we are 90% there.

The final piece of the puzzle is to add a little directional change to your skis. The timing of this move is critical. This must be done when your skis are at their absolute highest point. Add in a pole plant and you will find that turning left and right works is way into the mix almost without thought.

There you have it! Take these ideas, get out there and find the powder. This has been Guy Hetherington for ALLTRACKS Academy. If you are interested in next level ski improvement, please check out our website or contact the team directly at the head office on +44 (0)1794 301 777 or [email protected]


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