Alltracks’ Top 4 Skiing Movies of All Time

So it might well be the time of year when skiing is temporarily forgotten by some, and we can’t be on the slopes as much as we’d like. But fear not, you can still keep skiing fresh in the mind by bingeing on some awesome skiing movies. Sit back, relax and get some inspiration for the next season with our all-time favourite skiing and snowboarding films out there.


1. The Crash Reel (2013)


This documentary directed by Oscar nominee Lucy Walker is a thrilling ride through the world of a professional snowboarding athlete. It follows Kevin Pearce, who is training for the 2010 Winter Olympics when he suffers a horrific accident which changes his life forever. After waking from his coma he has to decide if it is worth risking his life to get back on his board.



2. Claim (2008)


This high adrenaline film calls itself ‘the best ski movie ever’ and certainly makes for great viewing. It stars one of the sporting greats Shane McConkey before he tragically died in a skiing base jump accident in 2009. Shane really was one of the very best athletes of all time and an absolute inspiration to skiers and others who dream big.


3. Eddie the Eagle (2016)


This feel good film is a must watch when you need to keep believing in yourself. The story in inspired by true events and follows Eddie ‘the Eagle’ Edwards, a British skier who was the underdog in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Starring Hollywood celebrities Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton, this is probably one of the most mainstream skiing movies but still worth a watch especially for people who cherish the underdog.


4. Many Moods of Skiing (1961)


From a new film to a classic – this movie was ground-breaking at the time as it had scenes from around the world. Many Moods of Skiing is directed by the legendary Warren Miller, who made ski movies for over 50 years. This is one of his earlier achievements, and he’s directed 750 sporting films throughout his career. This is a light hearted option if the top two movies featuring skiing injuries don’t appeal.

What is your favourite skiing movie which you think should have made the list? If, after watching these, you’re inspired and itching to get back on the slopes and learn new tricks – why not book onto our Freestyle Ski course? We offer an 11 week ski course combining instructor training and freestyle ski coaching in Whistler.


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