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Professional Coaching & Positive Environment

ALLTRACKS run a range of training courses, all of which are designed to give you a fantastic experience in the mountains. You’ll take your skiing or snowboarding to the next level whilst having great fun.

Whichever programme you choose, you can be assured that you will receive the very best coaching available in a supportive and constructive environment – structured using our unique ALLTRACKS Training Formula.

Almost every course also provides foundational training in avalanche safety and backcountry skills, which can extend to recognised qualifications. These can be attained on their own, or as a useful supplement to qualifications awarded as part of an instructor course.

We operate exclusively at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada – one of the world’s premier all-mountain resorts. You’ll be based there for the duration of whichever course you choose, benefiting from the experience of our staff in the resort and with the option to stay in our well-located chalet accommodation.


Choose a Course to Suit You

Whether you are looking to begin a career in snowsports, enjoy a worthwhile gap year or career break, or take a holiday that will revolutionise your off-piste skills, we have a course for you.

Our courses range from two weeks to five months in order to suit your schedule, and we have six main course types:

Ski & Snowboard Instructor Courses

Ski & Snowboard Improvement Courses

Ski & Snowboard Off-Piste Courses

Ski & Snowboard Freestyle Courses

Ski & Snowboard Instructor Internships

Bespoke Training

In addition to the above options, we also offer a number of combined camps such as our popular combined ski instructor and off-piste course and its snowboarding equivalent.

Going on the Alltracks course was simply the most fun I’ve ever had. Whistler was an incredible place and with the expert instruction, amazing town and beautiful scenery you really can’t ask for any more out of three months in the mountains.

Alex Rodger, ALLTRACKS SkierAlex Rodger Skier

The ALLTRACKS Training Formula

Many elements go into making a successful programme, but at ALLTRACKS it begins with the very best coaching.

Two key highlights of our training are that we limit our coaching groups to six guests per ski or snowboard coach, and base ourselves exclusively at Whistler Blackcomb, Canada’s number one resort.

This combination gives your unparalleled attention to detail in your coaching, together with access to the most terrain in North America.


1. Six People Maximum Per Coach

We ensure we have a maximum training ratio of six guests per ski or snowboard coach so you improve further, faster with more personal attention. Why put up with groups of 8-10 that our competitors offer?

By being in a smaller training group with a maximum of five other people, you learn so much more and enjoy skiing with a much tighter ability group than is possible otherwise. This also makes for a lot more fun, with far less wasted time associated with skiing in a large group.

2. Expert & Engaging Coaches

Our instructors are all CSIA/CASI examiners or the international equivalent. They offer total professionalism with positive, inspiring personalities. Guy Hetherington handpicks our team and we’re lucky to have some of the very best. Read more about the ALLTRACKS team here.

3. Well-Structured Training

The ALLTRACKS Training Formula combines component, challenge and free range training on every course, as well as methodology clinics. This results in your time on hill being varied, relevant and fun.

a) Component Training: When building sound ski or snowboard technique, it’s critical to start with a strong foundation – component training is designed to do just that.

Our team of CSIA & CASI examiners will break your skills down to their lowest common denominator and build them back up again correctly. By the end of your course, strong technical ability will have become second nature as you master each component of the ALLTRACKS methodology.

b) Challenge Training: Also referred to as ‘top down’ training, each of our challenge training sessions is designed with a particular task in mind. Unlike component training, we won’t give you all the answers here.

Instead we’ll guide you a little then leave the rest to you. Discovering things for ourselves is a key part of not only acquiring skill, but retaining it. During each session you’ll be asked to push the limits of technique or performance and occasionally both.

c) Free Range Training: As the name suggests, these sessions will give you free range over some of the best ski and snowboard terrain on earth. We’ll use the power of group dynamics to push our personal limits while we explore the best of what’s hidden deep within the labyrinth of Whistler’s unofficial trail map.

By the end of your time with ALLTRACKS you will have experienced some of the steepest and deepest lines found anywhere in the world.


I wanted to do a ski season to have loads of fun and get to a stage where I had the confidence and ability to tackle the whole mountain, no matter what the conditions. The coaches on the Alltracks course were phenomenal and they taught so much more than I hoped for. The training really analysed my technique and before long I was enjoying the deep powder turns and steep slopes I always wanted to.

Lynsay Steel, ALLTRACKS SkierLynsay Steel Skier

When chatting with Paul about what to expect from the ALLTRACKS training formula and the overall experience they provide, it took very little time before I was on-board. The confidence and pride he bestowed on his product oozed through everything he said.

He also went that extra mile in helping me create a package that would best suit not only my needs, but also my wife’s, who will also be spending much of the season out in Whistler.

Ryan Davison Crisp, Ski Club of Great Britain BloggerRyan Davison Crisp Ski Club of Great Britain Blogger
d) Methodology Clinics: For all people taking a 4, 5, 7 or 11 week instructor course we also include methodology clinics which provide a decisive breakdown of the Canadian Technical Model.

During these training sessions, we will expose you to a series of skiing or snowboarding competencies which will change the way you understand, demonstrate and communicate methodology.

‘Improvement through understanding’ is the guiding principle used throughout these sessions, which we consider critical to the meaningful development of proper technique.

4. Video Analysis

We own the latest Sony HD and Go Pro cameras in order to provide detailed video feedback. Whistler provides us with on-hill classrooms complete with 52-inch screens to help analyse your technique.

5. On Hill Mileage

Whilst we appreciate how important feedback is, we know it is important to get out there and ride too. All our courses balance technical training with lots of mileage on the mountain.

6. Supportive Environment

As well as technical excellence, we want our coaching delivered in a fun and supportive way. Group camaraderie and fun on a holiday is important and so, of course, we aim to foster that. It is a real pleasure to see that many past guests remain close friends (and even married too!) with people they were on their course with, and with their coaches too.

Avalanche & Off-Piste Training

Virtually every course we run includes a thorough introduction to avalanche safety and backcountry skills. When you become a better, more experienced skier or snowboarder, we feel it is important to learn more about the mountain environment.

Your choice of course dictates the level of backcountry training provided, but at the very least, we include the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Avalanche Skills Training Level 1, and often Level 2 as well.

More About Avalanche Training

Internationally-Recognised Qualifications

Many of our courses include ski or snowboard instructor qualifications, and these typically follow the Canadian system accredited by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) or the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI).

More About Qualifications

Whistler: A World-Leading Resort

We know there are lots of good places to ski across the world but we wanted to select the very best. Whistler offers a vast ski area, diverse terrain, huge snowfall and a vibrant village atmosphere.

On an extended course, being at a resort that offers the biggest and most varied terrain is a no brainer.

More About Whistler

Comfortable, Quality Accommodation

We know just how important comfortable, quality accommodation is. On an ALLTRACKS course, you stay in well located, comfortable chalets or condos meaning that you really do have a place to call home for your course.

We feel this arrangement is far superior than staying in a hotel or hostel for an extended period, as you have your own living room, kitchen and place to call your own.

More About Our Accommodation

Excellent In Resort Care

As we only operate in Whistler, we’re able to offer a level of service impossible for operators based in multiple resorts, countries or even continents.

Our Director of Canadian Operations, Guy Hetheringon, is in Whistler year-round. With a company director on the ground, we don’t have to rely on temporary, seasonal staff and can ensure your trip goes smoothly. Which leaves you to focus on having a great time on and off the hill.

More About Our Team

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